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Build Workplace Safety with Recognition

Safety is everyone’s business. Learn about how to create a workplace safety program.


Safety Incentive Planning Guide

Safety programs are a prevalent way for employers to engage the entire organization in the reduction of accidents, incidents and injury in the workplace. While no one program fits every company, employer plans are typically outlined to best fit their organization based on company size, culture, budget and goals.


Promoting Your Safety Initiative

Communication, engagement and rewards are all essential elements to your corporate safety plan. Frequent and visual reminders about your program will ensure it stays relevant and top of mind.


Consider how you will:

  • Theme your program
  • Build program awareness
  • Socialize key safety messages
  • Mark success milestones
  • Drive engagement
  • Incentivize participation
  • Reward participation and success
  • Recognize committee members and team leaders


Prioritize Your Needs

Thoughtfully selected branded merchandise can bring your program to life with essential visual and behavioral markers in the facility to drive participation and compliance.


Reward Perspectives

There are many ways to customize prizes and giveaways for your safety programs. You can reward with many small branded items for each milestone, or choose larger, more valuable awards as major goals or milestones are reached. 


Reward Everyone and Often

Because safety programs require safe behaviors of all employees, some programs adhere to the theory “reward everyone and often.” This is based on the notion that 80 percent of employees will practice safe behavior all of the time and it is the other 20 percent who must become engage to impact your overall safety record. By incentivizing everyone with rewards rather than just the top performers, you keep the program top of mind with the people who will have the greatest impact on improvement. In this instance, you will be using more small incentives with more frequency.



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Promote Your Way To Peer Pressure

Another school of thought asserts that peer pressure is a very effective motivator in safety programs, so using coveted wearables or desk awards to identify the behavior you would like from every employee can act as an incentive.


Rewarding OSHA-Compliant Behaviors

Per the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), safety programs should encourage employees to report injuries, accidents or ailments while on the job. Consider awards or branded apparel to recognize and reward participation in safe behaviors such as:

  • Serving on safety and health committees
  • Suggesting health and safety changes to use throughout the company
  • Participating in successful company-wide training
  • Reporting or promptly attending to broken machinery
  • Responding to and reporting spills or near-misses


Incentives and Awards

Showcase recognition in your workplace with collectible pins, fully customized to your location or your company name, personalized safety gear or custom desk awards to incentivize participants into reporting near-misses, spills and accidents. You may also host a small party or give monetary rewards if reporting goals are met. These programs and incentives get employees excited to participate in a safer workplace