Meet The Team

Our team is passionate about printing and promoting for a diverse clientele of:

general contractors, large companies, individual professionals, the F&B industry, and schools.


Portland brings an eclectic amount of business to our doorstep and our arms are open wide to help each one!

The office core:

- The start of Strategic Print & Promotions was all thanks to Maribeth, who brings a wholesome, strong, and dedicated front to our small business. If she's not in the office, you can usually find her at a networking meeting chatting it up in one of her several groups!


- The second addition to account for the business's transactions and continue Maribeth's hard-work was Mike, who strives in continuing client relationships and accounting the business's finances. He is there for any client who needs assisting and can guarantee quality on all our products!


- The third addition to help with day-to-day communications and production was Kelsi, who carries a positive can-do attitude and commitment like Maribeth. She shares her knowledge to the print assistants and can make others feel confident through her training.


- The fourth addition to complete the team with marketing and organization savvy is Kathie, who understands clients needs and looks for new ideas/designs to bring to the printing table. 


From the beginning in 2009, we've grown into a passionate team and

we're available to help with any customizable product you need!

Our specialties include laser engraved drink wear, large signage, trade show swag,

gem stone apparel and wedding party apparel.



Have an idea that you'd like to pitch? Plan a consultation with one of our team members today! 

Contact us here!

or call 503-303-7541 for quick assistance.